Weekly Update and continuing to go with the flow.

I ran outside in the cold this morning!!! As I have said before, I hate being cold. But, I needed to get in a run, and the gyms are closed. It was actually pretty refreshing. A silver lining to everything, I was forced to run outside and remembered I enjoy it.

Last week was strange, to put it mildly. Training wise, it was big enough, 64.6 km in 6 hours and 26 minutes. But the rest of it left me feeling out of sorts.

The obvious is the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. With ever changing information and new closures everyday, it can feel a bit surreal. Especially if, like me, you love a good post-apocalyptic world movie, and you have an overactive imagination. But in all seriousness, the news, media and uncertainty is enough to make anyone feel a bit anxious.

Some of this uncertainty left me feeling tired and a bit unmotivated, so my training volumes weren’t as high as they should have been, but I still ran.

The uncertainty and unknown do not, in any way, take away from my commitment to run over 1000 Km to raise $100,000 + dollars for the Food & Friends program. If anything, it only reaffirms my commitment. Now more than ever we need to come together and help each other out.

As of today, one race is postponed (Around the Bay) and one is Cancelled (Toronto Marathon). This is to support the need for social distancing, which I fully support. I will be running 30 Km on March 29, the day that should have been Around the Bay, and document it on a run tracker and social media. If they reschedule, I will run again then. If they cancel, I have two options. 1) I can pick another race to run and keep the total km up around 1051. Or 2) I can donate the race fee to the fundraiser. I am leaning towards option 2, but would love to hear your thoughts.

I’m sure there will be more cancellations and postponements. I am diligently researching races later in the season that can be used to top up the km’s needed. Even if it means running 100 km every weekend, I will get there.

Be well

Xo Angela