Weekly Update 03.23.2020 – Perspective

Last week was a good week for running. I got out 6 of 7 days and ran 70 km in 6h 54m. I decided to take a look and see how much ground I have covered since announcing the fundraiser. Since January 6, 2020 I have run 664.3 km in about 66 hours! I figure by the end of the year, I will have covered over 2500 km. WOW.

One of the things I love most about running is the perspective it gives me. Whenever I am struggling with something or having a tough time, I go for a run. The longer the run, the more perspective I find. Yesterday did not disappoint, in fact I found it rather profound.

I set out yesterday to do a quick 15K. The sun was shining and it looked like a perfect day for a run. As soon as a stepped out of my driveway I walked right in to a strong headwind, I immediately reconsidered whether the 15K was necessary. I knew how far I would be running in to the wind. It was going to make a 15K feel like 25K and it was going to be a challenge. I started running anyway.

For the next 7K I ran in to the wind, I was certain I was running far slower than normal and this run was going to take a long time. I was also certain I was not dressed appropriately, and should turn around and go change. I kept running anyways. Many times, I thought about just turning around and running home. It would have been easier, but I wouldn’t have been happy with myself for giving up.

It was while I was running in to the wind, I started thinking about how representative this run was of life right now.

Right now, there are a lot of things happening that can make life feel challenging for a lot of people, myself included. There is the fear surrounding COVID-19 and the uncertainty of the future. There are work closures, school closures, parents working from home, kids stuck at home all day long, decreased wages, layoffs, the list goes on. There are people who have to continue going in to work, virus or no virus, because they are our doctors, nurses, truck drivers, sanitation workers, essential businesses and other frontline workers. They leave the house every morning knowing the risks. The economy feels uncertain. It feels like we are working against a giant head wind, pushing forward, all the while being pushed back.

The thing is, eventually, while I was running, I turned a corner and that head wind became the wind at my back, pushing me home, making the run seem effortless. I ran the whole was home with the wind at my back, enjoying the ride. I took a moment to appreciate the strength that was built during the first part of the run.

We will get there too. At some point, all of this will turn a corner. The virus will stop spreading, the scientists and doctors will find vaccines and treatments, the economy will stabilize, people will go back to school and work, and we will come out the other side. We will be stronger for what we have gone through, we will mourn what we have lost, and we will move forward. And what was once hard, will seem that much easier because of what we got through, we pressed on until it turned a corner.

Keep going. Don’t give up. We will get through this.

Be well

Xo Angela