Weekly Update 03.08.2020 – Going with the Flow


Back at the training in a big way this week.  7h 23m of running for a total of 74 km. I even got a few runs outside!! 

Fitting in this amount of training can be hard at times.  Add to the training volume two small children in school, one full time job, family time, a couple volunteer commitments, meals to cook, etc. and sometimes it can get a bit overwhelming.  One thing I have really had to learn is how to go with the flow. This has been a challenge for me.

I am a planner.  I like to have a plan, complete with times, and stick to it. I don’t like surprises or disruptions to my schedules.  Any of you that have, or have had small children are probably laughing at that statement. They love to take schedules and colour all over them (to put it mildly).  Alas, I still try. Letting go of my need for structure is something I am constantly working on. It’s getting better, but still a work in progress.

Fitting everything in to a day or week can prove challenging.  Add to that, my husband has been working out of town for part of the week the last couple months, and it can be downright chaos sometimes. This weekend was a prime example.

Today was my husband’s birthday.  To celebrate, I promised the kids we would make birthday cakes: two – because each of them picked out their own special cake to make for Daddy and I love baking. We started baking on Friday night and I promised them we would decorate on Saturday.  I also had a big training weekend scheduled (36K Saturday and 17K Sunday). Add to that my mom was out of town and my in laws had just returned from Italy and were self isolating for 2 weeks due to corona-virus concerns. I figured it would be no problem, because I had a plan!  The Universe laughed at me all Friday night.

Baking went well.  We got both cakes made and the kitchen was cleaned before the kids went to bed. I was feeling very confident.  Prior to bedtime the kids and I had a chat about the plan for Saturday. We would go to the gym in the morning, they would go to a play group while I got the first 15K in, and then we would decorate. Once Daddy got home, I would get the last 20K in.  We were all in agreement and got a good night’s sleep.

Come Saturday morning, one child wanted to go to a play group and the other wanted to decorate a cake.  No amount of pleading, negotiating or bribery was going to change that. At first I was really upset. I had a plan, I needed to get my training done, I had no other options.  And then I took my own time out, and thought about it. I could either be upset, or I could make the most of it. Being upset wasn’t going to fix anything, so we might as well have fun decorating cakes. I decided to switch my days and got my 17K in once my husband got home.  Funny thing, the world didn’t end even though my plan had failed.

Long story short, I did not get 36K in today, I only got 25K.  But my kids and I had a blast making birthday cakes, my husband got a great birthday surprise, and I did get some training in. While it wasn’t my perfect plan, it was still a great weekend.

Sometimes you just have to accept that life happens.  Things aren’t always going to go according to plan and you just have to do what you can with what you have available.  And sometimes, it ends up being a lot of fun. While I am still learning how to go with the flow, I feel like it’s a lesson worth learning.

Xo Angela