Weekly Summary – 04.26.2020

This one was a bit hard to write. I guarantee you when my sister reads why, she will roll her eyes… hard.

You know how there is a quote and it says “aim for the moon, that way if you miss, you land amongst the stars.” Well, I know the whole point is that if you aim big and miss, you’ll still get something pretty great. But for me, I tend to focus on the fact that I missed.

Case in point, last week I ran 72 Km and it took me 7 hours and 23 minutes. I ran 50 km in 5 hours and 12 minutes on Saturday! My first ever ultra distance! Super cool, right?!?

I had said I was going to run 50km on Saturday and 42.2km on Sunday. But, when I went out to try and run on Sunday, my knee was absolutely not going to let me get through 42 km, I got through just over 5. So now there is a part of me that is disappointed that I did not run 92 km this past weekend.

Logically, I know it was a bit of a ridiculous goal. I had not even run 92 km in a week and I was going to just magically do it in a weekend?!? In my mind, yes.

Anyways, I know 50 km is a huge accomplishment. And I am really glad I did it. Aside from the fact that it hurt a lot to run through the last 15K, I am happy I got it done. I will 100% get over the fact that I did not run 42.2K on Sunday. In fact, it has given me a lot to reflect on and learn from. For one, I am glad I didn’t force my way through it, only to put myself out of running for the whole summer. I wonder if it had been an actual race, and not just me running on my own, if I might have been tempted to push too hard? It’s quite the possibility.

More training to do, and more runs to accomplish. I am a little more anxious about the 80K coming for me at the end of May, but thankfully I have a month to prepare.

Lot’s to think about and digest.

Hope everyone is keeping safe and doing well.

Be safe, be well, and be kind.

Xo Angela