Weekly Summary – 04.13.2020

I was able to add a few more km’s last week. Ran for a total distance of 76.1 km in 7h and 40 min. I ran every day last week, which I could definitely feel on Sunday. I took today as a rest day to let my body recover.

I have a couple distance goals on the horizon. Next weekend I am going to run 40 km on Saturday. Then the following weekend I am going to recreate what should have been a big race weekend, 50 km on Saturday and 42.2 km on Sunday. That should be interesting for several reasons. Firstly, I have never run 50 km in a single run before. Secondly, I have not yet run 90 km in a week, let along a weekend. I’m excited about trying.

It’s important to note that I am not just going to “try” and run 90 km in 2 days and hope for the best. I have already begun planning for it. I have already connected with experts on things like fueling (nutrition), structure, and such. A big shout out to Mike Coughlin, Head Coach at Discomfort Zone Performance Couching for his insights and advice. I think it is very important to speak with professionals before you undertake new physical challenges.

I also have my support team at home who will be helping me out and making sure I am ok.

I am really excited to run and experience these new challenges. They help me feel “normal” and engaged in these abnormal times.

Short post today as I am going to try and post with more frequency this week.

Be well and keep moving!

Xo Angela