Weekly Summary – 04.06.2020

I am a little slow in posting this one. Yesterday got away from me and then last night my laptop battery died It happens.

Last week was a decent week. 71.7 km run in 7h 11m. The weather is gradually improving, which is fantastic. I think I even got a mild sun “burn” on Sunday running in the afternoon. Definitely have to remember to bust out the sunscreen for daytime runs. A small price to pay for beautiful weather.

One challenge I am facing is increasing my weekly kilometers over the previous week. I think it’s challenging right now for 2 reasons. One being that races are being postponed and cancelled left, right and centre. All with good reason, of course, but as my goal races get pushed further and further away, it takes work to stay motivated to train. Second reason is that the longer my runs are, the more time it takes away from time with my kids. I am still working fairly full-time hours. There are still people buying houses, refinancing houses, or needing money. So, I still have a job to do, for which I am truly grateful! This means I have to carve out time from an already packed day to get in more running. I can either get sleep less through the week, or run during the day on weekends. Without any big races on the horizon, I have a hard time justifying the time away from my kids. I realize this is a minor struggle when so many people are struggling so much more, but it’s my minor struggle, and one I am sharing today.

One thing that made me really happy this week was the social distancing I encountered while running. Under normal circumstances, people intentionally moving away from me would give me a complex, but during the COVID-19 pandemic, it made me smile. No matter the time I ran at, 5:00 in the morning or 1:00 in the afternoon, we all made space for one another, smiled, and kept on our way. I can honestly say every person I came across made the effort.

I’d be remised if I didn’t take a moment to address the fact that, with learning being done from home, there are kids who are unable to access food programs. So many organizations are stepping up to fill in the gaps, and now more than ever we need to support each other when we can. Consider donating to Miles4Meals. The money goes to the Children’s Foundation Food & Friends program that is working diligently to help kids in need. You can donate here.

The weather is getting more and more beautiful everyday. Flowers are starting to bloom and the world is becoming more green. Let’s stay diligent, help each other out, remain hopeful, and get through this together!

Xo Angela