Weekly Review 03.30.2020

Big run yesterday! Yesterday was originally planned to be “Around the Bay” in Hamilton. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, that has been rescheduled to November. So, I decided to run 30K anyways, a little solo ATB if you will. It was a beautiful day for it. The sun was shining, it was warm, it was truly a spring day. It was a great run through the countryside. Peaceful and serene, almost makes you forget there is a pandemic.

Total Km’s run last week = 75.1. Time was 7 hours and 38 minutes.

I enjoy the peace found in running. I also like that it is something I can control right now. I can’t make the virus go away, and I can’t save anybody’s life, but I can run. And as silly as it makes me feel, I think it’s important to do the things that make you feel comfortable, calm and in control. Finding peace amongst the chaos.

I find blogging difficult, even more so with a legit emergency going on. There are people writing about the virus, how to stay safe, how to help others, are things getting better, are they getting worse, etc. And here I am talking about running, the weather, and peanut butter chocolate overnight oats (which make life feel better btw.) It feels almost insignificant… and then it doesn’t.

Then I remember that I am not just writing about running and food. But I am writing and running to raise awareness of the lack of food that exists for some children, and what we can do about it. I am talking about things that seem small in the hopes of accomplishing a big goal.

I think we can all do things right now that seem small, but accomplish something large. Call or text 3 random people a day, see how they are doing and engage in conversation. Share something positive on your social media, help lift the spirits of those you are in contact with. Share ideas on how to pass time, great songs to listen to, fun things to do. I have been really impressed and awed by the number of amazing musicians, that I actually know, who are sharing their talents on Facebook for all of us to enjoy. Thank you!

Be well, be kind, and stay safe!

Xo Angela