Motivation, Impact and my “Whys”

Let’s be real, we are not full on motivated Every Single Day!!

Sometimes, even the best of us have unmotivated days.  It is not always easy to get up and do what needs to be done. Sometimes we get tired, sore, or overwhelmed. When these days come, and they will come, having a really good “Why” can be the difference between training, and sleeping in. I have a couple really good “Whys” that help me on my unmotivated days.

The first is the lessons I hope to teach my children. These include the importance of helping one another, the oneness of humanity, kindness, and what people can accomplish if they are willing to try.

The other is the impact the Food and Friends program, and generally the Children’s Foundation of Guelph Wellington, have on the lives of children. To help everyone understand the impact this program has, I am going to regularly share stories from the Children’s Foundation. Below please find the first of many. Please know, names have been changed to protect privacy.


“When children and youth attend the Food & Friends student nutrition programs, we know that the healthy foods they receive will have a significant impact on their potential to focus and learn. But the Food & Friends programs often go beyond feeding a student a healthy meal. The environment that the programs provide is a calm, safe and welcoming place where students can relax and enjoy some great conversations with their friends and the dedicated program volunteers.
For some children and youth, their home environment isn’t always a positive one and they really look forward to being greeted by the consistent, smiling faces of the volunteers each day. Often times this environment helps to de-escalate a child’s behaviour before their school day begins.
One of our amazing volunteers recently asked a student why he was smiling and this was his response;
“I smile because of the delicious bagels and I like hanging out with you. Not a lot of food at home right now. Just calming and relaxing to sit and eat. Then I’m happy. If I don’t eat then I’m grumpy, I don’t do my work and I get frustrated and start yelling. I stopped coming for a while and I was getting in a lot of trouble, so I decided I should start coming back and eat breakfast again.”
We are thrilled he is coming back again as well!”


This is why I am running! So that all kids can feel calm and relax while enjoying breakfast with their friends. So that all kids can focus with full tummies, regardless of their home situation.

If you would like to contribute to Miles for Meals and support these programs, please donate here .

Xo Angela