Intro – Running to Raise Money for Kids


So here it is, my inaugural blog post. Truth be told, I had all these great ideas on what to write and post, until it came time to write and post. Then suddenly all of my great ideas vanished in to thin air. I figured, as with anything, the best thing to do is just start.

I am so excited about this fundraiser. The Food & Friends program, run through The Children’s Foundation of Guelph and Wellington, is such a necessary program. The more money that can be raised for the program, the more food security can be given to kids that need it. While I will continue to hope for a day when a program like this is no longer necessary, until then my goal is to raise as much as I can to support it.

Let me address my why. Why do I care so much about this program and why am I going to run over 1000 km?

First and foremost, I feel that we as a community have a responsibility to look after our children and give them the best chance for the future. And this starts with ensuring they have enough to eat. The Food & Friends programs at the schools help ensure that the most vulnerable of our children are receiving at least one nutritious meal a day, and have a chance to really learn while at school.

I have been a runner for the last 20 years. It started with my sister and I deciding we were going to learn how to run (thanks, Melissa). One mile at a time we gradually worked our way up to a half marathon distance. The satisfaction and sense of accomplishment that came with each additional mile had me hooked. For me, running helps clear my head, keeps me grounded and allows me to tackle life’s challenges.

I also love doing challenging things. If it seems a bit crazy or slightly impossible, I’m probably willing to try. This past year, I had decided I really wanted to try an ultra-marathon. For those who don’t know, an ultra-marathon is anything longer than a marathon. In my mind I wanted to run 50 miles, at one time. Up to this point, a marathon is the longest distance I have ever run at one time. Many of my runs this year will be Ultras, pushing my personal limits with every new distance.

My goal this year is to run over 1000 km to raise $100,000 for the Food & Friends Program. That is only $100 per km. In this blog I will post updates on training, nutrition, life, races, and most importantly the work the Food & Friends program is doing and how we can all help. It’s going to be a fun ride and I hope everyone will join me!

Xo Angela