100 Km run successfully completed!!!

It is official! (as official as mid-pandemic no real races official gets) I ran 100 Km on Saturday!!!

It took 14 hours, it was stinking hot out, and it was hard, but I DID IT!!

What a day it was.  I have to be honest, if I didn’t have the support I did, I don’t know if I would have been able to finish.  When the sun was beating down mid afternoon, and I still had 3 more 12Km loops to go, the desire to stop and try again another day was huge. Thanks to Mom, Mike and the kids for their always present encouragement.  A great big shout out to Mike and Laura Mahoney for their support. Mike ran over a marathon with me, late in to the run, to keep me going.  Laura stopped along the way, not once, but twice to show her support and bring much needed water and snacks!  These sorts of challenges really are a group effort!

I have a fantastic support system!  Whether it’s my sister cheering me on from Toronto, all the friends and fam on Facebook showing so much support, or my friend Shawna who actually got up and came running with me at 4:30 in the morning during my first attempt at 100 K!

So, what does it feel like to run 100K? It’s tough.  I walked a lot near the end. And the strangest things hurt.  My knee, that had been bugging me for 2 months, was fine.  Near the end my abs hurt (I didn’t know I ran with those, but ok) and my shoulder (again, running???). The bottoms of my feet hurt the most. There are a variety of emotions involved ranging from excitement, dread, apathy, agony and accomplishment.  The beautiful thing about challenging yourself, is it’s you against you. The only thing standing between you and victory is you. And when you finish it’s a victory you can carry with you and in to everything you do.

First 50 K was pretty good.  Ran my standard morning loops, starting out nice and early while it was still cool and the sun was not shining.

Even kilometers 50 through 70 were pretty good.  By no means were they easy, but I had run them before, so there was the added lift of confidence and comfort that comes with doing something you have done before.

Hard to believe, I got my first ever running blister at Km 60 or so.  That was new and not something I would recommend.

Sometime in the 70’s my head started to feel a bit funny. My body was tired and running out of fuel.  Thankfully that’s when Laura showed up with a banana and water!  Perfect timing!

All said, it was a great day. I am very happy to have finished.

I am just under half way through, 480 Km run so far.  Total km’s run this year, including training km, 1606 km.

I hope you will all take some time and donate to Food and Friends.  Remember, I am not doing all of this just for fun!  There are kids in our community that need our support.  If you can, please donate here.

As always be well, be safe and be kind.

Xo Angela