Hundreds of students arrive to school each day hungry. Hungry students can’t learn. As food costs and food insecurity rates soar, the demand for accessible nutritious food has increased.  Studies have shown that fed students learn better. Over the next year Guelph-native, Angela Bell, will run 1000 KM in races throughout Southern Ontario to raise money and awareness for Food & Friends, a program run by the Children’s Foundation of Guelph & Wellington County which works to feed children in local schools.

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Lessons in Recovery.

My exciting news today – My runs yesterday morning and this morning felt good!!! That may sound odd to some.  Before I dive in to this, there is something else…

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100 Km run successfully completed!!!

It is official! (as official as mid-pandemic no real races official gets) I ran 100 Km on Saturday!!! It took 14 hours, it was stinking hot out, and it was…

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And we’re back!

Hi, It’s me!  It’s been a while, I know, I have some explaining to do.  So here I am. Last time we connected I had just finished running 80K in…

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Weekly Update – 05.25.2020 – 80 K in 1 Day!!

80 friggin kilometers in 1 day!!!  You guys, I am so excited that I did it!! That’s more KM’s in one day than I had previously done it a week! …

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Weekly summary 05.17.2020 … and we’re back

Hi Everyone, So… it’s been a bit. I didn’t post anything last week, but I have gotten my self all put back together, so here I am. Put back together?!?…

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